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About Gareth Lukey

Gareth Lukey works as an environmental health and safety professional with experience in a number of industries. Originally from the United Kingdom, Gareth Lukey attended the University of Salford in Great Britain as an undergraduate. He graduated with honors in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health.

After graduating, Gareth Lukey accepted a position as an Environmental Health and Safety Manager with the Halton Borough Council in Widnes, in the United Kingdom. In this role, Mr. Lukey spent nearly a decade managing an environmental health and safety team responsible for more than 2000 businesses in the surrounding community. Additionally, he provided safety training, created corporate training DVDs, and advised companies on proper safety management techniques to promote safe working environments. An example of his successful measures came in 2004 when the accident total for a 1200-employee warehouse reduced from 150 in 2003 to only 31 accidents the following year.

Following his time with the Halton Borough Council, Gareth Lukey relocated to the United States and joined BVG Incorporated in Tampa, Florida, as a Safety and Quality Assurance Manager and was ultimately promoted to a Project Manager there. A real estate development company, BVG Incorporated builds upscale communities, hotels, and resort-style homes for those seeking a luxury lifestyle. Gareth Lukey worked on the safety and risk management of construction projects as well as served as a vital point of contact for construction vendors and contractors to ensure compliance with all corporate safety and quality standards as well as those imposed by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration and the American National Standards Institute.

Since moving to the United States, Gareth Lukey has gained additional experience working as a Property Manager for Rampart Properties, Inc., in St. Petersburg, Florida, and as a Project Manager and consultant for Waterfall Development & Real Estate in Dade City, Florida. Currently, Mr. Lukey serves as the Environmental Health and Safety Manager of North America in the recycling industry based in Lecanto, Florida. Mr. Lukey also earned a Master of Public Health in Occupational Safety at the University of South Florida in 2011.

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